Burial Plaque Temporary Courtesy Plaques

Temporary Courtesy Plaques are a great option for many cemeteries or reception centres to offer that little extra to a customer. The Courtesy Marker is a customised base that can include inscription and logo's of your choice and allows for blank letters to be inserted between specially designed bars to make up the name required. This option can be used at the gravesite or reception centre on the day of the burial only or could be left at the gravesite for a set period to help encourage families to order the permanent memorial.




Courtesy Markers are usually sold with a specified set of letters (totalling 83) although individual letters are also available for purchase. Phoenix is also able to provide a stand to place the Courtesy Marker on to help give some significance.



Individual Cast Letters


Plaque on Stand


    Temporary Courtesy Markers are available in a range of sizes from 560x300mm.


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