This is the wording that you’d like on your plaque or sign. Attractive layouts can be reproduced in a wide variety of fonts and sizes. There are several choices to make regarding the font used on your bronze plaque or sign.

  • Font Type - the fonts that most people use for plaques and signs are Cheltenham, Helvetica, Century Schoolbook and Times New Roman (see examples below). Many other attractive fonts are available so please feel free to request your desired font to give your plaque or sign a personal touch.    

  • Font Size – this is the height of the letters and numbers in millimeters or points. The Phoenix design system’s conversion is approx. 1mm = 4 points. Font size can be varied and can adapt to the size and nature of the inscription of the plaque or sign. However, as a guide, the minimum font size used has a minimum height of 4mm (16 points). Select your font size with the size of your plaque or sign in mind.  


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