Burial Plaques

Phoenix Foundry's burial plaque range are available in single or dual format in a Good, Better, Best theme.

  • Standard Plaque range (good) - plain plaques with the option to add emblems, design borders and colours.
  • Sculpture Series range (better) - select range of set designs that can be mixed and matched to suit your requirements.
  • Bronze Image range (best) - custom range using photographs supplied by the customer to provide a unique memorial.


Burial Plaques are available in a range of sizes to suit your requirements. Sizes most commonly used in Australian cemeteries are as follows:

  • 380 x 215mm (15 x 8.5")
  • 380 x 280mm (15 x 11")
  • 560 x 300 mm (22 x 12")
  • 865 x 356 mm (34 x 14")

(Note: other sizes may be available on request if order volumes warrant)


Standard Plaque Range: offers a selection of basic plaques that can have design features added to produce the memoral required.


Standard Burial Plaques


Sculpture Series Range: set designs that have been divided into four different categories to help you find the most appropriate to suit your requirements:


Mountain-Scene-24x12     Pieta-24x12

General Designs                                                                           Religious Designs


Holy-Patron-Blessed-Mother-     Station-1-24x12

       Holy Patron (Religious) Designs                                   Stations of the Cross (Religious) Designs


Bronze Image Range: premium range of plaques that incorporates images provided by the customer into the bronze casting.


RockEdge DCedit Col 01

Bronze Image Plaques


Book Design Range: selection of plaques incorporating either a single casting or plaques with removable pages in the shape of a book.


Detachable Plates: all of the above are available in either single or dual conversion format that include a detachable plate.


A wide selection of Design Features are also available to help compliment your chosen design.  The larger 865x356 range also offers a wider choice of Edge variations.  Uralla Vases can also be incorporated into this sized range as per the Holy Patron image above.