Vases for burial

 Vases for Burial are available inside a select size of Lawn markers.  Burial Vases are also available as stand alone units with a vase ring for placement into your desired location.


Uralla Vase (250mm high x 100mm diameter)

The Uralla Vase is a round

vase suitable for placement

either inside a select size of Elite

Range Plaques (609x305mm

and above) or as a stand alone

vase with ring. It is supplied

with a full vase assembly for

both options.

Two different styles of

vase are available

being plain or

sculptured rose design.


Sculptured Rose Vase

on Lawn Marker


Plain Vase in Stand Alone

Rock Edge Ring

Armidale Vase (200mm high x 178mm long x 75mm wide)

The Armidale Vase is an oval shaped vase suitable for plaques (609x356mm and 609x457mm) or as a stand alone vase with ring.

A full vase assembly is supplied with both vase options.


Front View in Rock Edge Ring


Top View


Inverted View

on Marker


Stand Alone Vase Rings (Uralla & Armidale Vases)

Phoenix offer three options for stand alone vase rings for both the Uralla (200mm diameter) and Armidale (280mm x 178mm) Vase:

  • Inscription Ring
  • Rock Edge Ring
  • Plain Ring

Uralla Vase

Inscription Ring


Uralla Vase

Rock Edge Ring


Uralla Vase

Plain Ring


Vases for cremation

Phoenix Foundry offers a wide range of Cremation Vases for placement on walls or into gardens.  Most of these vases are small and will only incorporate buds or small flowers.

Niche Side Lug Vase
(Code APA: 76 x 25mm)




Beam Support Vase
(Code APM: 65 x 65mm)




Niche Strap Vase
(Code APC Left: 76 x 25mm)

(Code APD Right: 76 x 25mm)




Niche Stonecraft Vase
(Code APB: 76 x 25mm)


Pipe Vase
(Code APW: 76 x 63mm)


Flush Vase
(Code ATA: 150 x 50mm)



Integrated Vases

These designs incorporate a vase, where fresh, faux or dried flowers can be placed. Please note that in cases where it’s not suitable (or desirable) for the vase to be on the plaque itself, the vase can be provided as a separate piece, and placed next to the plaque (See the ‘vases as an addition to the plaque’ section for more information)

BR334 Curved Rose


BR355 Rose Vase


APN Tequila Vase

APO Bud Vase



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