Phoenix offers a wide range od portraits to compliment any plaque.


Bronze Image Portraits

These are portraits that are a Bas Relief reproduction in cast bronze. They can be created from an original photographic print by Phoenix’s in-house designers. The portrait is then incorporated into a bronze plaque or sign. The Bronze Image Portraits are available in a select range of sizes and are all are finished with a standard brown patina. Further sizes are available upon request.

Phoenix’s designers need to receive a quality photographic image of the person or item with a minimum of 300 DPI. The photo also needs to have definition or depth, and with the lighting from the front and above so that shadowing correctly highlights the facial or other features. Both acceptable and unacceptable images have been shown here to help you choose the most appropriate photo.  Please note that Phoenix’s designers reserve the right to refuse a Bronze Image Portrait job if the image/photo that is sent to them is an unacceptable quality. Sometimes the designers can improve the image/photo until it becomes an acceptable standard. This extra work does however incur additional charges.

70mm x 50mm

Example of Image Quality required

Low resolution, poorly lit
image under 300 dpi.

90mm x 70mm

Example of Image Quality required

Image with no

120mm x 90mm

Example of Image Quality required

Image with uneven,
shadowing due to poorly
directed lighting.


Photo Portraits

These portraits are recreated from a photo and then fixed onto Memorial and Cremation plaques after the casting process. Phoenix Foundry can produce a highly durable image from a good quality photographic print. Your photo portrait can be either Ceramic or Etched Metal. A Ceramic portrait is one where the image is reproduced in a glazed, slightly convex porcelain base. An Etched Metal portrait is one where the image is reproduced on a flat metal base. These portraits can be supplied as round, oval, rectangular or heart shapes. They range in size from 25mm to 15mm. The most common sizes used range from 30mm to 90mm. Photo portraits can be fixed to the plaque either using a cast-on frame or a fitted frame.


Etched Metal

Etched Metal with Frame

Please note that Portraits can also be retro-fitted to an existing bronze plaque or sign
Any individual portrait can be created and purchased for attachment to an existing plaque. Please contact Phoenix Foundry to discuss the appropriate method of fixing.


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