Cremation Plaque Columbarium Wreaths

Phoenix offer 3 different Columbarium Wreath designs in either single or companion format.  Single cast wreaths are available when all inscription can be cast directly onto the back plate. Companion wreaths are used for pre-need so Scrolls or Date Tabs can be added when required.


Wreath A and Wreath B are available in all the below styles (i.e single cast, date tabs or scrolls). Wreath C is available with date tabs or scrolls only.


Wreath A


Wreath A is available in both single or companion styles.   

Companion options in Wreath A include Date Tabs and

Detachable Plaques.


Wreath Pictured is a Single Cast wreath.


Size: 263*185mm


Wreath B


Wreath B is available in both single or companion styles.

Companion options include Date Tabs (pictured) and

Detachable plates. 2 or 4 Date Tabs can be chosen for the

desired option.


Wreath Pictured is a Companion wreath with Date Tabs.


Size: 263*185mm



Wreath C


Wreath C can be supplied for both single and

companion options. Single Wreaths are supplied with

provision for 2 Date Tabs and Companion Wreaths use

Detachable (pictured).


Wreath Pictured is a Companion wreath with Uniscrolls.    


Size: 240*210mm


Phoenix offers a large selection of design features to further enhance the appearance of the memorial.  Options include:

Most Cemeteries or Memorial Gardens within Australia offer plaques in one or more set sizes.  If you’re ordering a memorial or cremation plaque to go into a cemetery, then you’ll need to find out:

  • Which cemetery it’s going to be placed in, and
  • What the size, fixing and design specifications are for that particular cemetery.

Many cemeteries have their own pricing structure which is dependent upon these plaque specifications. Some cemeteries also have their own additional charges. This information may then dictate the type of product that you can choose. Contact your Local Memorial Consultant for more information.


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