Phoenix Foundry’s business history dates back to 1872 when it was known as the Uralla Foundry or the New England Brass and Iron-Lace Foundry. Although the Foundry’s main purpose at inception was the manufacture of iron lace for residential and commercial buildings, it has also been used as a motorcar showroom, timber mill and an iron infrastructure manufacturing plant.

Since 1983, however, Phoenix Foundry has been designing and producing cast bronze memorial and commemorative products. It is the oldest continuously operating foundry in Australia. The original Foundry building still exists, in East Street, Uralla NSW.

More information on the original building and its historical significance can be found here on the website of the NSW Government Heritage Branch.

As with most historical buildings, the upkeep and restoration costs can be substantial. The Friends of the Foundry are a committee who seek to raise funds and apply for grants to purchase the property and carry out some urgent restorations. Contact The Friends of the Foundry for more information on how you can become involved with this project.


Phoenix Foundry Today

These days Phoenix Foundry operates out of modern premises at Uralla. We are currently the leading Australian-owned supplier of cast bronze memorial plaques and commemorative products throughout Australia… and we also supply bronze products to the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Phoenix Foundry looks forward to building on our history of combining leading edge bronze casting technology with traditional foundry techniques for many more years to come.