Burial Plaque Book Design Range

With the exception of the Single Casting Book Plaque, these products all incorporate replaceable pages to allow for future interments. At the time of the first interment a base and inscription page is supplied and then the second page is ordered and placed when required. 


Replaceable Page Book Plaques

These plaques are for use in burial situations. Standard sizes available include 380x215, 380x280 (pictured) and 560x300.



First Interment


Second Interment

Sculptured Book Plaques

These plaques are for use in burial situations and have more of a ‘book’ look about them, due to the sculptured pages around the exterior of the plaque. These plaques can be ordered with or without a bookmark and are only available in the 560x320mm size.



Sculptured Book (Base + First Interment)


Sculptured Book (Base + First + Second Interment)



Sculptured Book (Base + First + Second Interment)


Single Casting Book Plaque

These plaques are a single casting with a book style border.  This product does not allow for a second inscription to be attached after original casting is made as all inscription is cast directly onto the base.


380 x 215mm Single Cast Book


380 x 280mm Single Cast Book


Most Cemeteries or Memorial Gardens within Australia offer a basic range of plaques in one of the above sizes.  To further enhance the appearance of the plaque the following design features are available:

If you’re ordering a memorial or cremation plaque to go into a cemetery, then you’ll need to find out:

  • Which cemetery it’s going to be placed in, and
  • What the size, fixing and design specifications are for that particular cemetery.

Many cemeteries have their own pricing structure which is dependent upon these plaque specifications. Some cemeteries also have their own additional charges. This information may then dictate the type of product that you can choose. Contact your Local Memorial Consultant for more information.


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