Cremation Plaque Bronze Image Range



Phoenix Foundry bronze image range of plaques has now been extended further to include memorials for Cremation. Many customers are now wishing for something that little bit different so this range of plaques is not limited in size or shape.




Plaques can be made with a customised image as per the Veronica and Kevin Watlefon sample above, or a standard image that would be consistant across all plaques on that wall or crypt as per the Ronald and Laura Watlefon sample below. Plaques can be manufactured in single or companion format as show to suit your requirements.

Standard Bronze Image emblems could include items such as religious icons or even a picture of the local landscape. The only limitation is that the image needs to be a minimum size of 70x50mm to allow for detail to be achieved.




Please contact us for further information in regards to this product and a sales member will be happy to discuss your requirements.


Most Cemeteries or Memorial Gardens within Australia offer plaques in one or more set sizes.  If you’re ordering a memorial or cremation plaque to go into a cemetery, then you’ll need to find out:

  • Which cemetery it’s going to be placed in, and
  • What the size, fixing and design specifications are for that particular cemetery.

Many cemeteries have their own pricing structure which is dependent upon these plaque specifications. Some cemeteries also have their own additional charges. This information may then dictate the type of product that you can choose. Contact your Local Memorial Consultant for more information.


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