What size should I use? What size will look best?

It’s completely understandable that many customers are concerned about whether their product will look right in their desired location, whether it will be appropriate for the occasion, and whether their wording might look squashed or not quite right. Much of this concern is directly related to the size of the product.

Once you know what you are going to use the product for, and where the product will be going, you can then use the information provided on this website (or by contacting Phoenix Foundry directly) to help make your decision on size. 

Sizes for Cemeteries
If you’re ordering a memorial or cremation plaque to go into a cemetery, then you’ll need to find out a) which cemetery it’s going to be placed in, and b) what the size, fixing and design specifications are for that particular cemetery. Many cemeteries have their own pricing structure which is dependent upon these plaque specifications. Some cemeteries also have their own additional charges. This information may then dictate the type of product that you can choose. Contact your Local Memorial Consultant for more information.

Sizes for Other Products
You may find it helpful to read through our Design Information on size, which includes the most common sizes for many of our products. This will give you a starting point for creating your bronze product.

Remember that Phoenix Foundry staff have lots of experience in helping customers choose a size that is going to best suit their requirements. Please feel free to contact Phoenix directly to discuss your ideas over the phone or via email.


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