Do I have to consider copyright or permission for the use of emblems?

Military Insignia

It’s important to note that approval from the Commonwealth Department of Veterans' Affairs is required for the use of any military badge.

Click here to download a form to request permission from Veterans' Affairs.  This form should be filled out and sent directly to the Department of Veteran's Affairs

There are a variety of Military badges which vary depending upon the time of service. In order to ensure that the correct badge is used, a copy of the Discharge Certificate or any service papers which prove service is required to be sent to the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

If these papers are unavailable then the Veteran's full name, date of birth, date of death, service under which the Veteran served and service number is required. This process may take some weeks.

Memorial and Other Motifs

Some motifs in the Phoenix Motif Library and database may be copyright protected.  This means that permission from the owner of the Copyright is required before it is used on a plaque or sign. Permission is usually granted by the copyright owner for one off memorial use at no charge.

Memorial Plaques in Public Venues

All Memorial Plaques to be installed in public venues require permission from the local Council to ensure they meet standard requirements. These requirements may relate to any number of elements such as size, colour or fixing system, and will vary according to the type of memorial required (for example, burial, cremation or garden). Your Local Memorial Consultant will be able to advise you of these regulations and organise the design of your memorial plaque for you if you wish.


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